In 2007, I joined Ai-Media, a world-leading broadcast captioning service that provides access for the Deaf and hard of hearing. It is one of my passions to see access for people with disabilities using technology and social innovation. My other great love is children's literacy. Books changed my life and now I want to pass on the love. Head over to my home page to read all about the great work The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation is doing to promote Indigenous literacy.

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Samantha Wood, author of Culua: My Other Life in Mexico (2003) and The Bay of Shadows (2016)

I’m Samantha Wood. My first novel, The Bay of Shadows was published in December 2016. It is my first novel, although not my first book. That was a travel memoir, Culua: My Other Life in Mexico published by Random House Australia back in 2003, and was essentially a love letter to my mother’s country.

I graduated from Monash University in 2005 with a Master's degree in Translation Studies (Spanish) focusing on the translations of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's little-known children's stories where angels crash landed in chicken coops and the world's handsomest man washed ashore. It was this fascination with language and the magic of words that inspired the story for
 The Bay of Shadows, but my love affair with writing started long before that. When I was a child, I loved nothing more than reading, and never went anywhere without a book. Naturally, when I finished high school, I went to university to study journalism, but my heart always belonged to storytelling. So after many trips to Mexico, I started writing Culua and have never looked back.



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