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I’m writing from my desk by the window because summer is off for the New Year’s public holiday.  It has been raining half-heartedly all day, and far too cold to swim so here I am getting ready to revisit a previous manuscript.  I’m toasting in the new year with strawberry Freddo Frogs and great hopes for a fulfilling year ahead.  Wishing you all the same.  May 2017 bring your wildest dreams to life, interesting places and happenings, and all the frog-shaped chocolate you can eat.

2017, here I come!

Much love, Samantha xxx

With a phone propped on the wheelie bin in the middle of the garden, there are no limits to what you can achieve!

And if that last photo has somehow left you with the impression that I am glamorous and authorly, let me now dispel that myth…

Kristian and Rob from Piccoli Photography: legends of the game.

Samantha Wood Author of The Bay of Shadows

Nope.  None of the above.  That subscriber alert was the highlight of my month, the pinnacle moment.  You see, writing, even in the darkest hours, when you’ve been stuck on the same chapter for weeks on end, when you can’t fathom for the life of you why you didn’t do something more sensible with your life - because in my imagination I am a heart surgeon, and my family are not helping by calling me ‘Dr Wood’ on account of my unhealthy, no pun intended, fascination for medical terminology:  arrhythmia, tachycardia, anyone? – even, then, it is still the best gig in the world. And the reason for that is simple:  readers. 

We authors live for our readers.  When you tell a story, and when that story resonates somehow, in some way, with the person reading it, then you have done what you came here for.  It is the Obama mic drop moment.  The star atop the aforementioned tree.  True, I write for me, but more importantly – most importantly – I write for you.  The newsletter is simply an extension of that. It allows me to share with you my love of words, to speak about the beauty of language, to bring you into a magical world filled with bunyips and winged old ladies, perfect sunsets and flawed, relatable and utterly human characters.  So first subscriber, who shall remain nameless, and all of you who have already bought the book, read it, recommended it, and written wonderful, funny and encouraging words on my Facebook page, thank you!

Of course, there were other highlights too. Getting professional photographs taken for my website.  A first for me, albeit a slightly surreal one.  With an industrial fan, the best photographers in the country, and some seriously good lighting there are no limits to what you can achieve.

Admittedly, this IS a really nice ceiling, but nothing says, "I'm 45. I have no idea,"quite like this photo.

..or even the moment you tried to take a selfie?

..and pudding.

..or the Christmas pudding that followed...

For the love of bird...

Disclaimer: Not my tree.

Two days into 2017 and it has been a wonderful year so far. Admittedly, I might be calling it a bit too soon but the publication of this novel, which started out as an idea written on the back of a supermarket receipt, has left me feeling as sparkly as these Christmas tree lights.  Smooth and seasonally appropriate segues aside – actually, any excuse to use the picture I took of a pretty Christmas tree in a fancy hotel lobby – a lot has happened in the last month.

So many highlights, so many new experiences. Such as?  As mentioned in my previous post, seeing my book advertised on a national newspaper’s webpage, discovering Amazon’s squiggle graph, otherwise known as the ‘Author Rank’, a chart which tells you – updated by the hour, no less – exactly where you rank in the great scheme of books sold that day, and, by no means least, the very first subscriber to my author newsletter.  It was a moment I found far more exciting than I probably should have, far more exciting than the former two combined. 

“Really?” you ask.  “That was the highlight of your month?”  Not, say, oh, I don’t know, eating the most deliciously moist turkey on Christmas day…

Monday January 2, 2017