Samantha Wood, author
Samantha Wood, author
Under Ten Thousand Stars, a novel by Samantha Wood
The Bay of Shadows, a novel by Samantha Wood
Culua: My Other Life in Mexico, a memoir by Samantha Wood
Samantha Wood Author April 8, 2019 Blog Post

It's been about a month since I released the digital version of Under Ten Thousand Stars into the worldand a lot has happened in that time. A lot. I'd been a little tentative about it, but I needn't have worried, because things have turned out better than I could have ever imagined...

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June 11, 2019 Blog Post Where’s My Pen?

I am the author of the memoir CULUA: MY OTHER LIFE IN MEXICO and the psychological thriller THE BAY OF SHADOWS. My new novel UNDER TEN THOUSAND STARS will be out on May 13 in Australia.

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Samantha Wood, author

I am the author of the memoir CULUA: MY OTHER LIFE IN MEXICO and the psychological thriller THE BAY OF SHADOWS. My new novel UNDER TEN THOUSAND STARS will be out on May 13 in Australia.

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Samantha Wood, author

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