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My first blog post: 

Into the fray...

Thank you to Facebook for this beauty, because nothing says happy quite like a dog in a dog-shaped hole.

An ad for my book. On the Internet. Wha– My first thought, and a rather Orwellian one at that, was, “How do you know I’m on THIS computer?” Well, as I’ve been told, it is nothing as nefarious as the Internet watching me, but something far more prosaic: targeted marketing. Nevertheless, this is exciting. Writing is such a solitary process, but the reward is knowing that the finished product will go to loving homes, even, accidentally, to mine. The release of this book is the fulfillment of a long-held dream, and the greatest end to the year.

Wishing you a wonderful Festive Season, and raising a glass to you all. I’ll be back in the New Year with more book news, dog pictures, hopes, dreams and random happenings. In the meantime, here is a little something that just about sums up how happy I’m feeling… RIGHT…ABOUT…NOW.

Happy reading!

Much love, Samantha. xxx

Thank you, Internet.

What? Stefano DiMera. No! As bad guys go he was good. Admittedly, I didn’t know that was his real name. Better read on, because the writing’s not happening. Well, not at the moment anyway. But wait, what’s this down here at the bottom of the article? Something else to catch your eye…

Vale, Stefano.

It has been an exciting week releasing my very first novel, learning how to promote it on Instagram and Facebook, hopefully getting the message out to the readers of the world to take a peek inside. And so I’ve learned A LOT in a very short space of time. Namely, there are a ton of books out there, and mine is now one of them! It really is the best feeling ever to belong to that group of people – authors, you know who you are – who wake up every morning and say to themselves, “Today, you are going to sit at your desk and stare at the wall for the next seven hours and fifty minutes. What could be better?” You’ll notice I said seven hours and fifty minutes, because the last ten minutes of the working day, when despair and frustration hover over you like a cloud, is when inspiration strikes. It might be one sentence, maybe two, possibly even a whole paragraph, but the effect is cumulative. Over time, a story unfolds, characters come to life, and eventually you have a book.

But of course you must accept the frustrations. You have to give in to the downtime when nothing comes to mind, not a single word. Perhaps do something different, find a distraction, like reading the paper. As you take in the news of the day something catches your eye…

A little bit of nature's inspiration 

before facing the day...

Wednesday December 13, 2016